Build Definition Extension



Increase your productivity when working on Build Definitions in Microsoft Visual Studion. Build Definition Extensions fills the gap of missing features, like history, rollback etc and makes working on Build Definitions easy.

  • Compatible with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 and above
  • Easy manage your Build Definitions
  • Reduce time in managing Build Definitions
  • Seamless integration in Visual Studio 2012 and above



Build Definition Extension contains the following list of features, which extend your Visual Studio:

  • Copy Build Definitions
  • Merge Build Definitions
  • Branch Build Definitions
  • Save and Restore Build Definitions in Source Control
  • Track changes and modifications for Build Definitions
  • History for Build Definitions
  • Rollback of Build Definition changes
  • Import/Export Build Definitions (e.g. between On Premise and Visual Studio Online
  • Backup your Build Definition in Team Foundation Server Source Control
  • Seamless integration in Visual Studio 2012 and above

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Context Menu

If you are working with build definitions, you may miss some feature which make handling of build definitions more easy. There are some tools that provide cloning of build definitions. But is that enough? We don’t think so. So we created an extension for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server that adds the following features for handling build definitions:

  • clone (yes that is already available in Power Tools)
  • merge
  • branch
  • backup and restore from Source Control
  • history
  • automatic tracking of changes


We extended the build definition context menu for an easy access to this features:



The integration is always active in background. Changes done to build definitions are automatically tracked using TFS Source Control. If you modify a build definition and save it (e.g. by pressing STRG+S) the change is tracked.

History can be quite useful

If build definition extension is installed you will automatically get a history on all build definitions that are changed.



You can see what changes have been done to build definitions. Also you can rollback changes of build definitions.

Merge and handling of multiple build definitions

If you have to handle multiple build definitions it can be quiet useful if you have the possibility to merge them. There are several scenarios where merging can be useful:

  • multiple source branches between you merge your source and the corresponding build definitions
  • if you have different build definitions for continuous integration and daily builds, which build the same solutions
  • different configurations e.g. separate debug and release builds

A simple merge is integrated.



You can also merge on the build definitions in source control directly by using manual merge. There you are able to merge changes by selecting single change sets. The merges in Source Control are done like normal merges between source code files.