Build Extension



Build extension for use with Microsoft® Team Foundation Build.

  • Compatible with Team Foundation Build 2012 and above
  • Compatible with Visual Studio hosted build controller
  • No need to install tools on build agents and developer machines
  • Easy to configure in your build definitions



Build Environment Settings for WiX Toolset

  • Build WiX Toolset projects without installing WiX Toolset on your build agent
  • Supports multiple WiX Toolset versions side-by-side

Version and File Resource Updates

  • Set Version information during build time
  • Specify your custom version format
  • Set additional information like:
    - company name
    - product name
    - copyright information
    - and more
  • Supported file types:
    - AssemblyInfo.cs
    - AssemblyInfo.cpp
    - C++ Resource files (.rc and .rc2)
    - Burn bundle, MSI and MergeModule projects of WiX Toolset

Get your file properties done


Get ready in 5 simple steps!


Download and unzip

Download our Build Extension and unzip the package.


Add Extension to Source Control

Add and CheckIn the assemblies Laika42.Build.Activities.dll and Laika42.Build.Engine.dll to your source control. We recommend to use a subfolder named Laika42 in BuildProcessTemplate folder (e.g. $/yourproject/BuildProcessTemplate/Laika42 )



Add Build Template

Add and CheckIn the file Laika42.Build.Template.xaml in your BuildProcessTemlpate folder.



Build Controller Properties

Set version control path for custom assemblies to the source control where you placed our build extension assemblies.

  • In Team Explorer goto Builds –> Actions –> Manage Build Controllers
  • Select the build controller for on which you want to user our build extension and select properties
  • Set Version control path for custom assemblies to the folder you placed out build assemblies and click ok.



Configure Build Definition

Select Laika42 Build Process in your build definition

  • Right click your build definition and select “Edit Build Definition
  • Goto Process and Click Show Detail –> New
  • Check Select an existing XAML file –> Browse…
  • Select Laika42.Build.Template.xaml –> Ok –> Ok
  • In Build process file (Windows Workflow XAML) ComboBox select Laika42.Build.Template.xaml
  • In Build process parameters you see Laika42 Versioning and Laika42 Build Environment Settings