Project Rename Tool



Project Rename Tool makes it easy to rename projects within Visual Studio. If you rename a project in Visual Studio, only the visible name of the project will change. There is no built in way for also changing the file system folder. If you also want to rename the file system folder, you will have to do a lot of manual steps: 

  • Remove project from solution
  • Rename folder on file system
  • Add project to solution again
  • Update project references (and all the hassle you can have with that)
  • And do not forget to keep your source control in sync...

Project Rename Tool does all this stuff for you!


Project Rename Tool integrates in Visual Studio and enables real project renaming

  • Rename projects in Visual Studio including file system folder
  • Automatic update of project references within solution
  • Update assemblyinfo (optional)
  • Update of changes in Team Foundation Server source control (optional)
  • Backup of project (in case of rename errors)
  • Supports all Visual Studio built in project types
  • Available for Visual Studio 2012 and above

Free Download

Usage of Project Rename Tool is totally free. Download now!

4 simple steps to rename!


Select Project to Rename

Right click on the project you want to rename -> select Rename project


Rename Dialog

Enter the new name of the project in "Rename Dialog" and select your rename options

Current Name: The name of the project you are about to rename.
New Name: Enter the new name of your project here.
Also rename in assembly info: Select, if you also want to update your assembly info file.
Source Control options: These options are only available if your project is under Team Foundation Server source control. Rename in TFS: Select, if you also want to update your source control.
Automatically checkin changes: Select, if you want Project Rename Tool to check in the changes after the project was renamed successfully.


By hitting the "Rename" button, "Project Rename Tool" starts the renaming process.
Note: Depending on the size of your solution, this may take several minutes.

During the rename process the following steps are executed to ensure a proper renaming of your project:

  • Rebuild of the solution
  • Remove project from solution
  • Rename project and project file
  • Update assembly info (optional)
  • Add project to the solution
  • Update references of other projects, which previously had a reference to the renamed project
  • Build the solution again
  • Update changes in source control (optional)
  • Check in changes in source control (optional)

Verify the result

After the project is renamed you see your renamed project and updated project references in solution explorer. Your folder in source control has also been updated.

Viewing history of your project in source control you see an entry created by the Project Rename Tool with your current logged in user.


Please note the following points, when using Project Rename Tool:

  • If one step fails during the rename process, the entire process is aborted. During the process a backup of your project is created. You can use this backup to restore your project in case of an error.
  • WiX Toolset projects are not supported at the moment.
  • You are not able to rename a project, if your solution contains an unsupported project type.