One Click Bootstrapper



The best way to start your own managed Bootstapper Application based on WiX Burn. Free and open source!

  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2012 and WiX Toolset 3.7 or higher
  • Create a custom bootstrapper application using WPF and C# within minutes
  • Template integrates into Visual Studio



Uses MVVM design pattern, to create a managed bootstrapper.

  • Built on technology Visual Studio Setup uses
  • Ready to go. Just change colors, logo and fill the chain node and you are ready to go
  • Easy modify UI using Visual Studio WPF Editor.
  • 3 simple pages for installation
  • Repair and modify screen
  • License terms
  • Folder selection
  • Double progress bar
  • Source Code is fully provided
  • WPF / C# based and styled UI.

Screen Shots