Visual Installer


Feature Highlights

A new installation experience

Visual Installer brings latest installation technology to you and your customers.

  • Next Generation Installation Experience with animated UI based on WPF
  • Highly customizable
  • Based on latest WiX Toolset technology
  • No need to change your existing MSI's. Visual Installer is a bootstrapper to build on top of them
  • Integrated in Visual Studio
  • Provides an end user experience you will not reach by using standard installers like InstallShield
  • Extended UI and end user help features like IIS configuration, system check
  • Easy to use: Add you existing MSI or setups -> adjust configuration -> done!
  • Ready to use within minutes!

Default themes preview

Theme: Xeam, ThemeBase: BaseLight






Theme: Xeam, ThemeBase: BaseLightSmooth






Theme: Xeam, ThemeBase: BaseDark






Theme: Xeam, ThemeBase: BaseDarkSmooth






Theme: Purple, ThemeBase: BaseLight






Theme: Purple, ThemeBase: BaseLightSmooth






Theme: Purple, ThemeBase: BaseDark






Theme: Purple, ThemeBase: BaseDarkSmooth






Theme: Green, ThemeBase: BaseLight






Theme: Green, ThemeBase: BaseLightSmooth






Theme: Green, ThemeBase: BaseDark






Theme: Green, ThemeBase: BaseDarkSmooth






Theme: Red, ThemeBase: BaseLight






Theme: Red, ThemeBase: BaseLightSmooth






Theme: Red, ThemeBase: BaseDark






Theme: Red, ThemeBase: BaseDarkSmooth






Theme: Orange, ThemeBase: BaseLight






Theme: Orange, ThemeBase: BaseLightSmooth






Theme: Orange, ThemeBase: BaseDark






Theme: Orange, ThemeBase: BaseDarkSmooth






Theme: Blue, ThemeBase: BaseLight






Theme: Blue, ThemeBase: BaseLightSmooth






Theme: Blue, ThemeBase: BaseDark






Theme: Blue, ThemeBase: BaseDarkSmooth






Compare Editions

Visual Installer is available in different editions. The following table gives you an overview over Visual Installer editions






Core Features        
Background Theme Colors 4 4 4 4
Custom Accent Color X X X X
Animated UI X X X X
Localization X X X X
Accept EULA X X X X
Install Folder Selection X X X X
Multi Folder Selection - X X X
Enhanced Disk Space Calculation X X X X
Common Installation Modes X X X X
Project Templates X X X X
Project Wizard X X X X
Installer Self-Update - X X X
Websetup wtih minimal Download X X X X
Install Metrics Support X X X X
Enhanced Error Handling X X X X
Integration in Visual Studio X X X X
Integrated UI Pages        
Install Welcome X X X X
Maintenance Welcome X X X X
Newer Version Installed X X X X
Help X X X X
Layout/Admin Welcome X X X X
Progress X X X X
Finish X X X X
Finish Error X X X X
Update Available - X X X
SQL Server Connection - X X X
License Validation - X X X
System Validation - X X X
Path Selection (extended) - X X X
UI Layout Modification - X X X
Edit UI within WPF Editor - X X X
Custom WPF Theme/Styles - X X X
Custom System Validation Items - X X X
Custom License Validation - X X X
Add Custom Pages - - X X
Engine Source Code Provided - - - X

Bronze Edition is Free!

Visual Installer Bronze Edition is totally free of charge. Download Bronze Edition and get started today or tryout Platinum Edition. You always can upgrade to a higher version by purchasing a license.

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Multi-User Discounts

Each developer within your organization must obtain an individual license. We offer tiered discounts when purchasing more than one license. Multi-User discounts are as follows:

  • 2-5 Licenses: 10% discount
  • 6-10 Licenses: 15% discount
Discounts will be automatically applied during checkout. If you require more than 10 licenses for your team, contact us by email at

VAT remarks

VAT is calculated during check out depending on your location.

  • Germany: 19 percent VAT are applied
  • EU-countries: You can enter a VAT-ID during check out. If you order for a company and enter a valid VAT-ID, VAT will be removed from total and you will receive an intra-community delivery (reverse charge). If you do not order for a company 19% VAT are applied
  • Non-EU countries (rest of world): VAT free delivery. VAT will be removed during order process.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Customization Service

We provide enhanced services for you to get Visual Installer ready to fit your business requirements!

  • Custom Theme, Layout and Styles
  • Migration Service
  • Additional Features

Starting from $249